Kaspersky Phound : Locate, Lock or Wipe Your Smartphone

Although all the smartphones being sold today come with some sort of anti-theft app pre-installed, but those apps may not be as feature rich or smart as the ones being designed by well known security firms such as Kaspersky’s Phound. The Phound app can help you protect your Android smartphone against theft and accidental loss of the device. If you ever lose your smartphone and you have Phound installed on it, then you can easily locate it, lock it or wipe all the data from it. Furthermore, it allows you to sound an alarm on your smartphone to locate it or take a mugshot from its front camera to find out who is using it.

Kaspersky Phound

After installing Phound on your Android smartphone, you will have to log in using your existing Kaspersky credentials or create a new Kaspersky account. Kaspersky sends an activation link to your email address, through which you have to activate your Kaspersky account for enabling all the features of Phound. During the activation, you will have to choose an unlock code which can be used to unlock the smartphone when locked by Phound.

Kaspersky Phound

In the event you lose the phone or somebody steals it, then you can log on to the Kaspersky Phound site at http://my.kaspersky.com and login using your Kaspersky credentials. From here you can select your device and send various commands to it – locate it on the map, sound an alarm on it, take multiple mugshots using the front camera, wipe all the data or wipe only the personal data. Each of these commands results in locking of your phone. A smartphone locked through Kaspersky Phound can be unlocked using the four digit PIN code available on the Kaspersky Phound web site under the Restore Secret Code section.

Kaspersky Phound

Conclusion: Kaspersky Phound is a powerful anti-theft app for Android smartphones. It allows you to lock your phone, locate it on the map, sound an alarm on it, take mugshots of the user or wipe the data on the phone.

You can get the Kaspersky Phound from http://www.kaspersky.com/phound.

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