Many Ways of Resetting Android Tablets

When your Android tablet is not working properly, then number one cause of the problem is related to the corruption of user data files. You can easily fix the user data related errors by resetting Android tablets to their default factory settings. After a factory reset, the tablet will behave as if you have just bought it. There are many ways of resetting Android tablets back to their default factory settings. Here are some of them:

1. From Android Settings:

If your tablet has no problem in booting to the Android OS, then you can use the Android’s in-built factory reset feature for this. Just open Android Settings, then Backup and reset followed by the Factory data reset option. This will wipe all the user data and cache, remove all the accounts, customizations and user installed apps and reboot your device.Factory Reset Android

2. From Recovery Mode:

If your device is not able to boot into Android OS because of the user data corruption and saying that the storage is encrypted or corrupt, then you can reset Android tablet from the recovery mode. In order to boot into the recovery, you have to take out the battery and replace it back. Then press the key combination specific for your tablet (e.g., Power + VolUp or Power + VolUp + VolDown) and boot into the recovery mode. In the recovery mode you can select the options to wipe the user data / factory reset the device.Type Password to Decrypt Storage in Android

3. From Reset Button:

Some of the tablets come with a small hole on the side or on the back which is labeled “Reset”. If you gently insert a small pin in this reset hole, then your tablet shall be reset. Be careful when finding the reset hole and do not confuse the microphone hole with reset hole. Inserting a pin inside the microphone hole can damage it. Typically, you have to press the pin inside the reset hole and hold it for 5 seconds before the resetting is done.Reset Android Tablet

Conclusion: It is very easy to reset the user data and bring back your Android tablet back to its original factory settings. And there are many different ways of performing a factory reset on your Android tablet.