Can I Eat This? Use Smartphone to Find What is Safe to Eat

When traveling abroad, there are two most common attractions for everyone – historical places and the local food. You can enjoy wandering through the places of historical importance for as long as you want, but when it comes to enjoying the local food, you have to ask a question – can I eat this? The question is not that surprising either – considering the unhygienic conditions and unregulated nature of restaurants and street vendors in some of the countries. For example, the street food in most of the Asian countries is completely unregulated – anybody can put up a food stall and start selling food. As such, eating food from these places can wreck havoc with your digestion system, resulting in diarrhea and even food poisoning.

But who would tell you which food items are safe to eat in a foreign country? Fortunately, CDC (Center for Disease Control) in US has created an app called Can I Eat This. This app can help you find out whether eating something you want to eat is safe or not. The app lets you choose the country that you are currently traveling in from a huge list. After which it goes through a number of steps asking you about the nature of food that you are interested in. For example, whether it is a drink or solid food, whether it is street food or inside a restaurant, etc.

Can I Eat This?

In the end, it will show you if the type of food you are interested in is really safe to eat or whether it is unsafe. It puts a big red cross to indicate unsafe foods and a big green checkmark for safe foods. For example, it tells not to eat food from street vendors in Thailand, but permits eating of well cooked eggs in Argentina. This app is almost like consulting your mom about some food.

Can I Eat This?

Conclusion: Can I Eat This is a very useful app to install when traveling abroad. It can really help you decide whether eating something is safe in a foreign country. It is like having your mom with you all the time.

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