Mobizen : Control Android Device from PC

Even though more and more of the smartphones are coming with large screens, yet they still stay smaller compared to the screen sizes of your desktop PC or notebooks. And when going through one or other apps, we all feel what if we could access this app from the notebook PC – control everything with mouse and type faster with the actual physical keyboards? The free Mobizen software allows you to do exactly that – it lets you control your Android devices from your Windows computers. You can access the Android device over the WiFi, USB data cable or remotely through the internet.

Mobizen requires multiple steps before it lets you finally access the Android screen on the Windows PC. First of all you have to download and install Mobizen app on your Android device, sign up using an email address and password and then install the Mobizen software on your Windows PC. The Mobizen app can use WiFi, USB or 3G/LTE network for connection. If you choose the USB data cable, then you will have to enable developer options in Android and toggle on the USB debugging. As per the Mobizen manual, the USB data cable provides fastest connection.


On your Windows PC, you will have to enter the same email address and password as you used on your Android device so that it two can be connected together. As soon as the connection is made, you will see a mirror of your Android screen on your Windows PC. You can control everything using your mouse and keyboard. If your PC has touchscreen, then you can also use that to control Android. You can switch to full-screen mode using the Ctrl+Enter hotkey.


In Android, you can change the connection method from USB cable, WiFi and 3G/LTE. Since Mobizen app also allows you to record your screen into a video file, you can also choose various recording settings like quality, resolution and the FPS rate. A small “m” circle stays on top of the Android screen, through which you can control Mobizen settings and features anytime you want.


Conclusion: Mobizen allows you to mirror the Android device screen on your Windows PC so that you can control it using a larger screen and using the comfortable mouse and keyboard. As can be expected, the performance improves with more powerful Android devices.

You can download Mobizen from


  1. Hello,
    I have installed and connected without problem.
    I can do everything on my phone One Plus 3 but i can not control it on PC with mouse or keyboard!
    No reaction when i click on the pc? Any help?

  2. I see the circle arrow in the upper right corner to toggle it to “Landscape”, mine won’t do anything when I click on the arrow to try to change it to landscape… Any ideas?

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