SunsetScreen Alters Screen Brightness Automatically with Time

We have published about F.lux application before on that changes the brightness of the screen depending on the time of the day. F.lux is not the only application that is able to do this. A newer program called SunsetScreen is also able to automatically alter the screen brightness settings as the time changes in a day to make it look feel more natural and thus reduces the stress on your eyes. By changing the screen color preset and reducing the brightness, the natural clock of your body is activated so that you can go to sleep easily at night time.

In the SunsetScreen program, you have to specify the time at which sun rises and the time at which sun sets in your location (you can find these times on the internet or in the local newspaper) and it will automatically adjust how fast and when the screen brightness has to be changed. The change of the brightness takes place gradually so that your eyes do not feel sudden stress. You can even adjust the transition time and transition method for the brightness change.

There are settings for selecting the screen color presets for night and day time too. You can choose from 1850K to 6600K for the night color and 5000K to 20000K for the day time color. Not all of these color presets are available on all the screens. For example, my ViewSonic LCD screen supports color presets only between 5000K to 9300K. Even if your screen does not support these color presets, the SunsetScreen program can make the screen look as if those presets are active and reduce the burden off your eyes.


SunsetScreen can be configured to be run automatically at Windows startup and it can be minimized to the Windows system tray where it keeps running in the background and alters the screen brightness automatically.

Conclusion: SunsetScreen can change the screen color and brightness to adapt to the time of the day or night. By changing the screen color and brightness automatically, you can keep the natural sleeping cycle of your body undisturbed.

You can download SunsetScreen from