Phrozen Windows File Monitor : Observe File System Changes in Windows

When we search for some software needed for our special requirements on the internet, we sometimes download, install and try dozens of different programs before finally finding the one that fits our needs perfectly. For example, if you are looking for a program that can allow you to edit the Word DOC files, then you may have to try Libre Writer, Open Office Writer, Abiword, Kingsoft office etc., before deciding which one suits your needs. But during this experimenting, you may accidentally stumble upon a program that leaves makes some undesirable changes in your Windows PC and leaves them behind even when uninstalled. For such programs, you can use the free Phrozen Windows File Monitor to find out exactly what changes have been made a program so that you can take proper action about such modifications.

Using Phrozen Windows File Monitor is very easy. All you have to do is download the program, extract it to a folder, launch the executable and click on the Record button. This will make the File Monitor program to keep a watch on all the file system changes being made in your PC, for example, the creation of new files, modification of existing files, the removal of files and more. You can view all the file system activity information either in the tree view or the list view.

Phrozen Windows File Monitor

You should keep monitoring the changes in the file system as long as the program you are observing is running. After the suspicious program is closed down, you can click on the Stop button to stop the monitoring. You can also save the changes to a file for later review.

Phrozen Windows File Monitor

In the settings for the Phrozen Windows File Monitor, you can choose which of the hard disk drives should be monitored for the changes, whether to start capturing for changes as soon as the program is launched. You can also which of the file system events you want to monitor.

Phrozen Windows File Monitor

Conclusion: Phrozen Windows File Monitor is a portable, fast and efficient file system changes monitor for Windows. It can be used to keep a watch on the activities of a suspicious program and see which files it modifies, creates, deletes and more.

You can download Phrozen Windows File Monitor from