Reset DRM Data in Android Lollipop

When you purchase copy-protected music or videos online, your smartphone downloads certain DRM (digital rights management) licenses that are necessary for decoding the downloaded media content. Without the proper DRM licenses, you cannot watch or listen to the downloaded protected media. But since you have paid money in exchange for such DRM licenses, you should better protect them when selling your old smartphone to someone else or giving it away for free. Before you give away your Android smartphone, you should delete all the DRM licenses stored in it in order to prevent their misuse by someone else.

Here is how you can reset or delete the DRM data in Android Lollipop:

  1. Open the Android settings by touching the menu button when you are on the home-screen and selecting Settings or Android Settings.
  2. On the settings screen scroll down and select Backup & Reset option from under the Personal category.
  3. On the Backup & Reset screen, select the DRM Reset option and select the same option again on the next screen that opens. Delete DRM Licenses from Android
  4. You will be asked for confirmation, and you should choose OK to proceed and remove all the DRM licenses stored on your smartphone storage.

Conclusion: DRM licenses can be easily removed from your Android Lollipop smartphone and this way you can make sure that your purchased DRM licenses are not misused by anyone else when you are selling your old smartphone or giving it to someone else.


  1. I have a freetel musashi dual touch screen flip smart phone running Android 5.1
    I set it up in Panama city beach florida…
    not sure why but that’s the only place I can make phone calls I still have data and text just can’t make at receive calls except there
    any thoughts.
    tried reset again turned everything off then. back on, turned on roam. not sure what to do

  2. sorry goes black when trying to use the camera only everything else works fine

  3. hi trish i have a a phn that goes blank when i try to use it has done since i brought it the other day it has worked once and then when i downloaded messenger it stopped working and keeps telling me to close any apps that may be using flashlight or camera ??

  4. how to get back DRM licences again. bcz my frnds cell panasonic p55 has been accidently DRM reset so now we can’t use it normally bluetooth, Keyboard, files are not showing. pls suggest what can we do now.
    pls help us….

  5. An Adroid Phone that suddenly lost its service after a software upgrade, what kind of rest is appropriate. Is it Factory Data Reset or DRM Reset?


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