Change Exposure Setting in Google Camera for Android

I recently bought a new Android smartphone and I am really pleased with it. It has 1.8 GHz octa core processor and 2 GB of RAM which is more than what I can fully use at any given time of the day. The only glitch in this camera was that the pictures was not so bright. The 13 mega pixel camera worked very well in bright daylight. But the LED flash was a flashing a little sooner or faster – not giving proper brightness when snapping pictures at night time or in the darker places. So when I talked to my friend who is a professional fashion model, she told me to increase the camera exposure settings. And sure enough, as soon as I increase the exposure level in Google Camera in my Android smartphone, pictures became brighter and clear.

So if you are also facing a similar problem and your Android phone is not giving you bright pictures in darker places at the night time, then you can follow these simple steps to adjust the exposure level in Google Camera for Android:

  1. Open Google Camera in your smartphone. Then touch the menu button in your phone at the lower left of your screen and choose the settings icon (gear like icon).
  2. This will open Google Camera settings. On the settings screen, choose the Advanced option and then toggle the Manual Exposure setting to ON.Google Camera Exposure Settings
  3. Touch the back button to go back to the Google Camera main interface. Touch the options button (looks like three vertical dots) and then touch the exposure button (looks like positive-negative sign) and choose one of the exposure levels. Typically if your pictures are dimly lit, then you have to increase the exposure and if your pictures are extra brightly lit, then you have to decrease the exposure.Google Camera Exposure Settings
  4. Now touch the back button and you are ready to snap pictures with your smartphone.

Conclusion: If your Android smartphone’s camera is giving you poorly lit pictures, then you can increase the Camera exposure settings to get brightly lit pictures in seconds. This method works both for the Google Camera app as well as the older stock Android camera app.