Samsung Smart Switch : Transfer Data from Old Phone to Samsung Galaxy S6

Last week when I went shopping for grocery, I wanted to check my smartphone for the list of items that I had to buy. But I could not find the list because I had forgot to copy it from my old Nokia Lumia phone to my new Samsung Galaxy phone. I remember copying all the files including music, videos, and some of the office documents – but somehow the todo tasks were left out. So I had to go back to my home for the list of grocery items and come back again for the shopping. For taking care of problems like this that happen when you switch phones, Samsung has created a software called Samsung Smart Switch. This software allows transferring of data from your old phone directly to your new Samsung Galaxy phone in 3-4 easy steps.

Here is how you can transfer data from any Apple, Nokia or Blackberry device to your Samsung Galaxy phone:

  1. First of all, you have to create a backup of the existing data on your old phone to your PC. For this you can use any backup software of your choice. The end result would be that you will have a backup folder containing various sub-folders for different kinds of files – music, video, messages, tasks and so on.
  2. Launch Samsung Smart Switch and connect your new Samsung Galaxy phone to your PC through a USB data cable. You should connect the phone in the MTP mode (Media Transfer Protocol) for the Smart Switch to work.Samsung Galaxy Smart Switch
  3. Choose the device manufacturer (Apple, Nokia etc.), select the backup folder that contains the backup files from your old phone and click on the Next button to continue.Samsung Galaxy Smart Switch
  4. It will show you all the items under various categories that you want to copy from the backup. You can select one or more categories, but I suggest that you select them all. Click on the Start Transfer button to start the file transfer to your new Galaxy phone.Samsung Galaxy Smart Switch
  5. In a few minutes all the data from your old phone shall be copied to your new Samsung Galaxy and now you can start using your new phone without worrying about leaving out your data on the old phone.Samsung Galaxy Smart Switch

Conclusion: Samsung Smart Switch allows you to seamlessly switch into using your new Samsung Galaxy smartphone without having to manually copy all the contacts, messages, pictures and other data from your old phone to the new Galaxy phone.

You can download Samsung Smart Switch from