SurfEasy VPN Provides Online Privacy and Anonymity

SurfEasy VPN has joined hands with Opera Software (yes the makers of Opera web browser) to provide you with free online protection, privacy and anonymity. SurfEasy is multi-platform VPN that works on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS. The free starter pack offers 500 MB data for a month but can you can purchase unlimited data packs at a very reasonable price. In addition, you can also get data rewards by completing some steps. For example, finishing the email verification adds 100 MB more data to the starter pack.

In all platforms, you start SurfEasy VPN by signing up for a free account which requires just your email address and a password. After you have signed up for an account, the SurfEasy VPN client automatically logs you in and turns the VPN proxy ON. You are alloted a VPN server based on the latency to the network and the physical distance between your ISP’ server and the VPN server.

SurfEasy VPN

Even though SurfEasy VPN client assigns you the fastest server for better performance, you may want to change the server location to a different country. The SurfEasy VPN client lets you choose a server located in six different countries – Brazil, Singapore, United States, Germany, Canada and the United Kingdom. By changing the server to a different location, you can actually earn a reward for 75 MB data.

SurfEasy VPN

You can also see the data that you used until now under the “data usage” section. If you are running out of the data limit, then you can earn some data by finishing various tasks – changing location, email verification, inviting friends and so on.

SurfEasy VPN

Conclusion: SurfEasy VPN is a free, fast and secure VPN that can help you mask your real IP address, gain internet anonymity and encrypt your internet connection. It is available for all the major platforms like Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux.

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  2. By now most Internet users are well aware of the fact that pretty much every step they take on the Internet is logged or monitored.

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