Macro Keys Helps Perform Repetitive Tasks in Windows

Those of us who have to work on computers at work know how many times we have to perform the same tasks over and over again. For example, my sister who works at the help desk of a local charity group has to type in same things over and over again when people ask her help over the web based chat. She is smart and has typed all the redundant things in a text file and just copy-pastes from it whenever needed. But it takes a little time to select the right text portion, copy it and then paste it. So when she asked me for a faster method, I told her about Macro Keys. It is a free software that allows you to record and repeat repetitive tasks in Windows including keys, text, clipboard and hotkeys.

Macro Keys

The first thing you have to do in Macro Keys is add some macro, clipboard text or hotkey so that they can be repeated later at your will. The method for all the three is similar. For adding a new macro, just click on the Add Macro button and fill in all the details. Basically, you have to add a macro (trigger),  and the text to send when you type that macro. You can even send special keystrokes like Tab or Enter through this. For example, in the following screenshot, I am using yoda as macro. So now whenever I type ,yoda (a comma must be prefixed), it is replaced by the text I have specified.

Macro Keys

Similarly, you can add clipboard text (to replace clipboard text and hotkeys to launch specific programs. In the following screenshot, I have added Ctrl+F hotkey to launch Firefox browser. The hotkey must not be in conflict with other hotkeys set by different programs in focus.

Macro Keys

Conclusion: Macro Keys is an excellent program to help you perform repetitive and bring tasks in your Windows PC. It can repeat key strokes, replace clipboard contents, and allows you to assign system wide hotkeys for launching programs.

You can download Macro Keys from

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