Type Mathematical Equations in Firefox with FireMath

When participating online on various web sites or forums where people discuss about mathematics, physics or engineering problems, we have to post our mathematical problems by typing the equations. Usually we use various special character tools like the Character Map in Windows to insert the mathematical symbols and make the equations look a little legible. But why bother with all that hard work when you can use the MathML in the Firefox browser? Firefox supports MathML for a long time and you can use the FireMath add-on to create your mathematical equations of any type and save them as images.

Although Firefox supports MathML and you can use it to create mathematical equations, but MathML is a XML based language and you will have to do a lot of coding to get the desired results – not to mention the required MathML language knowledge you must possess to start creating the equations.

FireMath extension of Firefox makes use of the MathML support in Firefox and gives you a WYSIWYG interface for creating all the equations. It lists all the possible mathematical symbols on the left side and the top that you can pick and constitute your equations. A live preview of the equation being created is displayed in the center of the FireMath interface.

FireMath for Firefox

Once your equation is ready, you can choose to copy the MathML code directly, copy the bitmap image to clipboard, copy the transparent image to clipboard, or save the equation as a PNG or JPEG image. You can use this image in any text editor, web site, or forum as you seem fit.

FireMath for Firefox

Conclusion: FireMath provides an easy WYSIWYG way to create mathematical equations and expressions inside Firefox using the MathML language. It not only creates the MathML code but also allows you to save the equations in PNG or JPG image formats.

You can get the FireMath extension for Firefox from https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/firemath/.