Adobe eSign Manager DC Makes Document Signing Easy

In the old days when someone send a paper document (whether handwritten, typed or printed), they used to put their signature at the bottom along with the rubber stamp to indicate the authenticity of the document. But now in the digital age, we send documents by email and other electronic means. In order to make the electronic documents authentic, we now can use e-signatures or digital signatures. If you do not know where to start, then you can start with the free Adobe eSign Manager DC which makes signing your documents both easy and secure. This service from Adobe is available for both Android and iOS based smart devices.

In order to start working with Adobe eSign Manager DC app, you will have to sign-in using the Adobe ID or through your existing Google account. Once signed in you can choose to either send the documents to be signed by third party or have the documents signed in-person (when the document signer is available). In both cases, you have to choose the people who are going to sign the documents (their e-mail addresses have to be entered), you have to add the documents being signed, a message of request and then touch the Sign now button to start the signing documents.

Adobe eSign Manager DC

In case of in-person signing, the smart device is then taken to the people signing the documents one-by-one and they will use their fingers or a stylus to sign the document and write their names. In case you sent the document for remote signing, the people can use third party software to sign the documents and send it back to you.

Adobe eSign Manager DC

All the signed documents are then emailed to the person who initiated the signing (you) and all the people who signed the documents. If you open these signed documents, you would see the message that the PDF document is signed by Adobe EchoSign e-signature service. If you click on the signatures, it will take you to Adobe eSign webpage where you can see the authenticity of the signatures.

Adobe eSign Manager DC

Conclusion: Adobe eSign Manager DC makes it very easy to have your electronic documents signed and certified securely using the Adobe EchoSign e-signature service. With the help of this app, you can manage all your digital signatures right from your smartphone.

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