Folder2Iso Creates ISO Images from any Folder

When we talk about ISO images, generally Linux CD ISO images come to mind. These ISO images are exact replica of the original CD/DVD content and can be used to duplicate the original disk onto any other optical media. For example, you can download the ISO images for Ubuntu Linux that were created from the original disks and burn them to a blank CD/DVD disk to create your own copy of the Ubuntu installation disk. But what if you want to modify the ISO images? In that case, you can extract the ISO images using any archive extraction tool like 7-Zip, modify the files extracted and repack the ISO image using a freeware called Folder2Iso.

Folder2Iso is a GUI front end of the popular Linux command mkisofs that is used to create ISO images from command line. But when you use Folder2Iso, you don’t have to worry about all the command line options. You can start by selecting a source folder that you are going to use to create the ISO image.


As you select the source folder, the Folder2Iso program enumerates all the files inside it and it can take a long time if the source folder has thousands of files. During the enumeration of the source folder files, the Folder2Iso window becomes unresponsive and you just have to wait for it to finish.

The next step is obviously to choose the ISO image destination. You can also choose the ISO label and the ISO character sets to be used for the file names. After this, you can click on the Generate ISO to create the ISO image. When the ISO file is generated, you can use any ISO image burner like ImgBurner to burn it to a blank optical disk.

Conclusion: Folder2Iso is a simple, small and efficient program that allows generated of ISO images from any folder. Since it is a GUI front end for mkisofs program, the ISO files generates are of high quality and work without any problems.

You can download Folder2Iso from