AVG Crumble Extension for Chrome Blocks Tracking Cookies

AVG is perhaps most popular for their free antivirus software for Windows and Android. They have helped millions of PC and smart phone users to defend themselves against the online threats of various kinds. Now they have yet another free tool available for everyone called AVG Crumble which can help you protect your only privacy while browsing through web sites. AVG Crumble is an extension for the Google Chrome browser which crumbles or breaks the cookies used by known tracking domain names. It is an install and forget type of extension so it does all the work automatically without you having need to configure any options.

After the installation of the AVG Crumble extension in Google Chrome browser, you will see a new icon in the omnibar. Initially, it will show zero counter but as soon as you start browsing various web sites that may use one or other types of tracking cookies, it will continue to increment the counter. If you click on the AVG Crumble icon in the omnibar, it will show you the total number of cookies blocked since the installation of the extension, the total number of tracking cookies blocked on the current web site and the number of harmless cookies allowed on that web site.

AVG Crumble

In case you wonder cookies belonging from which of the domains are blocked or allowed, then you can click on the number of cookies allowed or blocked in the AVG Crumble pop down information box. In general you will see that the cookies from the currently visited domain only are allowed (for example, if you visit theguardian.com, then cookies from theguardian.com will be allowed) while most of the cookies from third party domains shall be blocked. At any time, if you have to allow all the cookies, then you can use the flip -switch in the AVG Crumble pop-down box to turn it off – the same switch can be used turn it back on when needed.

AVG Crumble

Verdict: AVG Crumble protects your online privacy by crumbling the cookies set by third party domains. This extension for Chrome has no options to be set, which makes it simple to use for users of all experience levels but at the same time unconfigurable to the needs of an individual user.

You can download AVG Crumble for Chrome from https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/crumble-%E2%80%93-innovation-labs/icpfjjckgkocbkkdaodapelofhgjncoh.