McAfee Battery Optimizer Makes Battery Last Longer in Android

When looking for a smart phone, we often have to make a compromise between the phone hardware features like RAM, CPU, GPU, OS etc., and the battery capacity the phone comes with. For some reason, phones with otherwise great hardware seem to have relatively smaller battery capacities unless you are willing to spend a lot of cash. I myself have a phone with only 2500 mAh battery. Like me, if you also have a phone with not so great battery capacity, even then you can make it last longer using the McAfee Battery Optimizer app. This app can optimize your battery usage by closing down unneeded apps running in the background so that you have a long lasting battery life.

After the installation, you can see the McAfee Battery Optimizer app showing notifications on the lock screen as well as in the notification bar on the top about the duration of time remaining before the battery completely drains out. If you have connected the battery charger to your phone, then the same notification displays battery charging status.

McAfee Battery Optimizer

When you are traveling outside and have little battery life remaining, then you can extend the battery life by touching on the Extend button. This way you can make the battery last longer to be able to get basic phone functions like making and receiving calls or messages. It shows you various apps that are running in the background (and draining the battery) that you can close down. It can also shorten the screen timeout and lower the screen brightness to extend the battery life.

McAfee Battery Optimizer

In the settings, you can choose to enable the Auto-Extend mode which automatically shuts off non-emergency functions like WiFi, Bluetooth, apps etc., when the battery charge is critically low so that you can make emergency calls and messages. You can also choose the percentage battery charge threshold when the Auto-Extend function should kick in.

McAfee Battery Optimizer

Conclusion: McAfee Battery Optimizer is a neatly designed efficient app to improve and boost the battery life in your Android smart phone. Its Auto-Extend mode is very useful and can automatically close down non-emergency functions to save the battery charge for emergency calls and messages.

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