Enabling the Priority Mode in Android Lollipop

When you are busy doing something important and do not want to be bothered by any calls or messages from anyone, then you can use the Priority Mode in Android. Using the priority mode you can disable interruptions (like notification sounds, vibrations and LED flashing etc.) caused by calls and messages received in your mobile phone. At the same time, you can choose to receive calls or messages from pre-selected important senders who may have something vital or critical to tell you. For example, using the priority mode in Android, you can choose to not be bothered by anyone except by your spouse or parents. You can enable the priority mode for an indefinite period of time or only for a few hours.

The Priority Mode in Android Lollipop is very easy to set. All you have to do is use any of the volume buttons (Volume Up or Volume Down) when on the home-screen. This will bring up the volume slider control as well as the priority settings control. By default you are set to get interruptions for all types of calls and messages from everyone. But you can touch on the Priority mode to change it to Priority mode so that you receive calls only from select few individuals.

Android Priority Mode

You can choose whether the priority mode is to be set indefinitely or for a few hours. You can even customize the time period to anywhere between fifteen minutes to one whole day. If you touch the gear-like settings icon next to “Priority interruptions only”, then you can customize which interruptions will be given priority over the rest. You can choose to receive calls, messages, events and reminders etc. You can also choose the callers or message senders that should be allowed.

When you turn on the Priority mode, your phone’s notification bar shows a star icon. Similarly, if you have selected None mode, then the notification bar shows a crossed speaker icon. You can quickly know whether you have switched to the priority mode in Android using these icons.

Conclusion: When you are busy doing work or sleeping after a hard day at work, then you may want to switch to the priority mode in Android. The priority mode in Android enables you be audibly notified of important or urgent calls and messages while suppressing the interruptions caused by the less important ones.