How to Fix Non-Working GPS in Android Phones

Most of the smartphones these days come with GPS (global positioning system) which allows you to pin-point your geo-location on this planet. The GPS functions in conjunction with various satellites flying around the Earth. The GPS functions even when mobile signal  or the internet connection is not present. This is why it is very useful to have a GPS enabled smartphone when going out trekking on mountains or hiking in forests. But what if you find that GPS is not working once you have reached a far off location away from the civilization? The GPS may not work because the aGPS (assisted GPS) data may have become corrupt. In order to prevent such problems, you should reset and download fresh aGPS data from the internet before setting out on a tour of the wild.

It is actually very easy to download and update the aGPS data. It should happen by itself, but you can use the free app called GPS Status & Toolbox to force downloading aGPS data. Here is how (make sure you have internet access in our  device):

  1. After installation of the GPS Status & Toolbox app in your Android smartphone, you have to swipe down the screen to bring up the app menu.
  2. When the app menu shows up, select the wrench icon and choose the option labeled Manage A-GPS State.GPS Status and Toolbox for Android
  3. In the options that appear on your screen, you can touch the Reset button to clear all the existing data. And then you can touch the Download button to download fresh aGPS data from the internet. (You must have internet access for this).
  4. Wait a few minutes and your GPS should start to work (if you are inside your room, go outside and point the smartphone towards sky for quick results).

Conclusion: If GPS is not working in your Android phone, then it is very easy to fix. All you need is internet connection and the GPS Status & Toolbox app. This app refreshes the A-GPS data on your phone to make the GPS work flawlessly.

You can get the GPS Status and Toolbox from