Reason Core Security Protects PC from Threats

We have published about herdProtect on our website which is able to scan your system with more than 60 different antivirus engines in the cloud. The makers of the herdProtect have now come up with Reason Core Security which boasts of protecting your PC from all types of threats – malware, adware and potentially unwanted programs. It provides real time protection from such threats and prevents installation of the bundled software (the programs that come bundled in the software setup installers). But the real time protection is available only in the commercial paid version and not in the free version.

Reason Core Security starts by scanning your system for compatibility (it is not clear what it means, but I guess it is the initial scan for the possible presence of malware). During this scan, it checks all the running processes, their loaded modules, startup objects, services etc., and sends them to be scanned on their cloud server. The analysis of the results takes a very long time to appear.

Reason Core Security

From the main Reason Core Security window you can see your security score and run three different types of scan (quick scan, full scan and the custom scan). No matter which type of scan you choose, it takes a very long time compared to similar security products like Malwarebytes Antimalware.

Reason Core Security

Under the Tools section, you can find an startup manager, program uninstaller, and the browser add-ons manager. All of these show risk ratings for various programs. On my test PC, it labeled even known good programs like PDF Xchange Viewer as risky.

Reason Core Security

The Remediation sub-section under the Tools section lets you fix many of the problems usually encountered on systems infected with malware. For example, it can help you fix Winsock, remove proxies, reset group policies, reset common command executions and more.

Conclusion: Reason Core Security does not provide you with full antivirus protection, but it can be used as a second opinion malware scanner. It can detect and scan malware, adware and prevent installation of bundled bloatware on your Windows PC.

You can download Reason Core Security from