Force Enable Zoom on Sites in Chrome for Android

When visiting many of the websites on your smartphone, you cannot read the text properly because it is written in so small fonts. And those small fonts appear even smaller on the smartphone screen. Perhaps those websites would show up just fine on large desktop PC displays, but on the smartphone screen it just causes a headache when you try to read the text. As if this is not enough, some of the websites add special code that prevents them from being zoomed in. So no matter how much you try the pinch-out on your screen, the web page stays exactly the same.

This is not really fair and this is perhaps why Chrome has decided to add an option that forces all web pages to be zoomed. This way even if a web page has code to prevent the zooming in, Chrome users can still zoom in and access the magnified version of the page. You can enable force zoom option in the Chrome browser for Android in the following manner:

  1. Open Chrome browser. Press the menu button on your Android device and select Settings from the menu that appears. This will open the Chrome browser settings.
  2. On the settings screen select Accessibility from under the Advanced section.Force Enable Zoom in Chrome
  3. On the accessibility you have to select the option Force enable zoom. This option overrides a website’s request to prevent zooming in.
  4. Now press the back button a few times to close the settings screen and try opening and zooming in on a webpage that was previously refusing the zoom in. This time you will find that you can zoom in without any problems.

Conclusion: You can force websites to zoom in even in Google Chrome browser for Android if they have code to prevent the zoom in. This way you can read all that small text that you could not read without causing much stress to your eyes.

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