MiniTool Drive Copy Clones Partitions and Disks

Recently I decided to buy a new larger hard disk just because everyone is bragging about how large their hard disk is and I wanted to join in the conversation too. But I did not want to go through the ordeal of installing Windows all over again. Installing Windows is not so much of a painful experience, but after fresh installation configuring it to your taste, installing third party software, and various updates turns it into a nightmare. So I decided to go the easy route this time. I used MiniTool Drive Copy to cope the Windows system partition from my old hard disk to my new hard disk and voila – its done.

MiniTool Drive Copy

The MiniTool Drive Copy is a lifesaving software that can help you copy the contents of one disk drive to another as well as one partition to another. For the former, you obviously need two hard disks (one source hard disk and another destination hard disk) and for the latter you need two partitions.

MiniTool Drive Copy

Whether you copy one disk drive to another or one partition to another, the procedure is basically the same. You have to choose the source disk (or partition), the destination disk (or the destination partition) and it begins to copy the contents from the source to the destination. Of course, the destination partition or the disk must be equal or larger in storage capacity compared to the source so that all the data can fit on it. Once the data copying is finished, you can start using the destination disk or partition right away, or let Windows reboot once so it can recognize the new partitions.

Conclusion: MiniTool Drive Copy can clone disk drives and partitions effortlessly. You have to select the source and destination partitions or disk drives and the rest is handled automatically by the MiniTool Drive Copy.

You can download MiniTool Drive Copy from