Google Trusted Voice : Unlock Android with Your Voice

Android Lollipop has a smart unlock feature that allows you to unlock your phone when a trusted bluetooth device comes in the vicinity of your Android smartphone. But now Google has added even more exciting features to the smart lock. One of the features called Trusted Voice allows you to unlock your Android phone through your voice. It is an extension of the “OK Google” voice recognition feature that already existed in Android for many years. But now you can actually say “OK Google” to unlock your device. But before you enable the Trusted Voice feature in Android, Google informs you that unlocking by voice is not as safe as some other methods.

In order to enable the Trusted Voice feature, you must have the latest update of Google Play Services in your Android Lollipop device. You can proceed in the following manner to enable Trusted Voice:

  1. Open Android Settings, choose Security and then Smart Lock. Here you can toggle on or off various features like trusted devices, trusted face, trusted voice etc. You have to touch on Trusted Voice to turn it on.Google Trusted Voice Android
  2. This will take you straight to the Google settings and open the OK Google section. Here you can enable Trusted Voice feature.
  3. After a warning that enabling this feature can put your device at the risk of being unlocked by a recording of your voice or by someone who has similar voice as yours, the setting is enabled.Google Trusted Voice Android
  4. You will be asked to train the “OK Google” if you have not already done so. After this you would be able to unlock your device by your voice.

Conclusion: Google Trusted Voice allows you to unlock your Android device using your recognized voice. But this is not as safe as using a PIN, pattern or password to unlock your device. Anybody having a similar voice or a recording of your voice can unlock your Android smartphone.