Fully Backup Android Lollipop Device with Online Nandroid Backup

Android Lollipop has many security features that are being loved by the new users and experienced ones alike. One such new feature is the complete encryption of  user data partition in this version of Android so that no external process can access it. This makes it a little difficult to create a complete backup of your Android files using custom recoveries like TWRP or CWM. With these custom recoveries only the system partition can be backed up and the user data partition remains inaccessible. If you want to create a complete backup of your Android device, then you can use the Online Nandroid Backup app for this purpose.

Online Nandroid Backup requires your device to be rooted and the BusyBox installed. if BusyBox is not installed on your device, then Online Nandroid Backup can do that for you. After setting up these pre-requisites, you can launch Online Nandroid Backup app to view many options for backup – quick backup, custom backup and the scheduling of backups.

Online Nandroid Backup

The quick backup does not ask anything and performs the backup using the default settings. In the custom backup, you can choose various settings like backup destination, source partitions, backup name, backup mode and backup type (CWM or TWRP). After this you can touch the small play button on the top and it will start to backup selected files.

It displays the complete progress as the backup proceeds. Depending on what you are trying to backup, it will take short or long time. The backup time also varies from one device to another. In general the backups are completed very fast and  take around five minutes only. Once the backup is complete, you can use it restore your device in the current state at any later time using TWRP or CWM based custom recoveries.

Online Nandroid Backup

Conclusion: Online Nandroid Backup can backup all the data from your Android Lollipop based devices – including the encrypted user data files too. It is an essential tool to make a complete backup of the entire device so that you can restore it back to that state at any later time.

You can install Online Nandroid Backup from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.h3r3t1c.onnandbup.