Protect Eyes with Night Mode Eye Guard for Firefox

Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome are two great web browsers in the world. I keep them both installed on my devices – desktop PC, notebook and the smartphone. While I use Chrome basically for online shopping, banking and other financial transactions, I use Firefox for most of casual web surfing. During those long web surfing sessions, sometimes my eyes start to hurt because of so much brightness being radiated from the computer screen. Fortunately, there is an add-on called Night Mode Eye Guard that can protect your eye sight by switching the white background on web pages to darker ones.

After the installation of the Night Mode Eye Guard add-on in Firefox, you would be able to see a new icon in the Firefox toolbar that looks like crescent moon and stars. You can click on this icon to switch any web page’s background into a darker background. This makes the web pages feel a little strain free on your eyes.

Night Mode Eye Guard for Firefox

If your web pages do not switch the background color even after clicking on the Night Mode Eye Guard toolbar button, then you can try refreshing web pages or restarting the Firefox browser.

As soon the web page backgrounds turn darker, the toolbar icon for the Night Mode Eye Guard changes into the Sun icon. Now if you click on this icon, the night mode shall be turned off and you will be able to see the web pages without any modifications.

Night Mode Eye Guard for Firefox

Conclusion: If you feel eye strain because you have been spending many long hours into reading and surfing the web pages, then you can try the Night Mode Eye Guard add-on for Firefox. This add-on can instantly make any web page easy to read without putting too much stress on your eyes.

You can get the Night Mode Eye Guard add-on for Firefox from