Cloud System Booster Optimizes Windows PC for Performance

If your Windows PC  has run out of storage disk space, web browsers are not opening websites that fast anymore, you are seeing all different kinds of error messages, and is generally ailing from sluggishness, then you can seek help from the Anvisoft Cloud System Booster. While this program does not exactly perform miracles, it can definitely make your PC run like a brand new system as if you have just unboxed your computer for the very first time. Cloud System Booster rejuvenates your old PC and breathes new life in it by getting rid of the junk and garbage files that are left behind, cleaning up orphan registry entries, optimizing Windows system for peak performance and fixing various browser problems.

This gem of a software offers you to perform a Quick-Care of your PC from its main interface so that you do not have to worry about details about which items should be cleaned. In addition, you can run four different modules – registry cleaner, disk cleaner, optimizer and PC repair.

Anvisoft Cloud System Booster

The registry cleaner module tracks down all the orphan entries left behind by the programs that you had installed or run on your PC, but now longer use them. It can also fix some of the common problems related to the Windows registry. But if you are not really having any registry related issues, then you should better not use this module.

Anvisoft Cloud System Booster

The optimizer module can make changes to Windows settings to make it perform better. It can tweak various settings related to networking, system and disks to make them work at their optimal speed. The disk cleaner, as the name suggests, can clean the unwanted or garbage files from your system.

Anvisoft Cloud System Booster

The PC repair can fix the basic problems like broken file associations, missing registry permissions and remove malicious plug-ins from web browsers. It can also change the browser settings back to their default state – thereby reversing all the malicious changes made by possible malware or PUPs.

Anvisoft Cloud System Booster

Verdict: Anvisoft Cloud System Optimizer is an all around system maintenance utility that can breathe new life in your old Windows PC. It can also reverse the harmful changes made by malicious software and recover disk storage space by removing unwanted files.

You can download Anvisoft Cloud System Optimizer from

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