Quick Any2Ico Creates Icons from Any File, Folder or Resource

If you are designing a web page whether it is professional or personal, you may need those small rectangular image files called icons. Sometimes the icons that you need the most are easily available online, while other times we have to create them ourselves. Although you can, but you do not really have to use powerful programs like Adobe Photoshop for creating those small icons. You can use a simple and small freeware called Quick Any2Ico to create icons from any file, folder or resource easily in a few seconds. This program can not only convert large picture files like JPEG, GIF into smaller icons in either ICO or PNG format, but it can also extract embedded icons from binary files.

Quick Any2Ico is a portable application for Windows and as such it does not require installation on your Windows PC. You can just download it to your PC and start running it. In this program, the first thing you have to do is to choose the source file. You can choose either a file/folder as the source or a binary file as the source.

Quick Any2Ico

The second step involves selection of the destination folder where you want to save the icon file. By default, it saves the icons in the ICO format, but you can choose to save the icons in the PNG format.

You can also choose the icon sizes to be creates. There are many standard icon sizes that you choose like 16×16 pixels, 32×32 pixels, 64×64 pixels, 256×256 pixels and so on. There is an option to compress the PNG icons for larger icon sizes which can save hard disk space when you are converting a folder containing many images into icons. After this you can click on the Extract it! or Convert It! button to proceed and create the icons.

Conclusion: Quick Any2Ico is a simple, easy and straightforward icon creation program for Windows. It can easily create icons of all standard sizes from existing images and binary resources.

You can download Quick Any2Ico from http://www.carifred.com/quick_any2ico/.