Spelr is Application Independent Spell Checker for Windows

If your job involves around typing documents in your computer, then you know how important it is to check your typed documents for spelling mistakes.  And when it comes to checking your typed documents, we always resort to expensive office suites like MS Word that offers automatic spell checking in real time. But you do not have to depend on these large software suites just to spell check your documents. Instead you can use a spell checker like spelr to automatically correct your spelling mistakes in any program of your choice. The freeware spelr is a spell checker program that works universally in all the applications in Windows. Since the spelr works across all the programs in Windows, you can use it to spell check your documents in any text editor of your choice.

The spelr program is available both as an installers as well as a portable application. On the first run, it shows up the Settings window where you can configure hotkeys for spell checking a document, spell checking the clipboard or spell checking the selected text. You can also choose to auto-correct the text instead of asking you to replace the corrected word each time it finds a misspelled word in your typed document.

spelr Spell Checker

In the Auto-Correct section, you can see the pairs of misspelled words and their correct versions. Now when you are typing text inside any program, all you have to do is use any of the three hotkeys to check the spelling. You can use Shift+F1, Shift+F2 or Shift+F3 hotkeys to spell check the clipboard, selected text or the entire document.

spelr Spell Checker

As soon as a misspelled word is encountered, it will prompt you for replacing it with a correct word and you can take appropriate action. Of course, if you have changed the settings to auto-correct without showing the prompt, then it will not ask you anything but automatically replace all the misspelled words with corrections.

spelr Spell Checker

Conclusion: Spelr is a portable, free, universal spell checker utility for Windows. It can be used from any text editor of your choice to auto-correct any of the misspelled words and typos.

You can download spelr spell checker from http://12bytes.org/.