Select Multiple Languages in Android Google Voice Typing

One of the coolest features of Android smart phones is the Google voice typing – you can speak to your phone in your own language and it will convert the speech into text. What most people don’t know is that you can speak in not only one but five different languages to Google voice and it will still understand all of them instantly. Google voice typing supports recognition of as many as five different languages at the same time. This makes it very useful for those people who speak more than one languages. It is a common guess that not many people speak more than five languages, so there is no need of enabling more than five languages in Google voice typing.

Here is how you can select multiple languages in the Android’s Google voice typing feature:

  1. Open Android system settings and select the Languages & input section. Here you have to select Google voice typing from the list of options.Google Voice Typing - Select Multiple Languages
  2. In the next screen that shows all the options related to the Google voice typing feature, you have to select Languages so that you can add one or more languages to the recognition list.Google Voice Typing - Select Multiple Languages
  3. You will see a list of languages that you can select. You can choose as many as five different languages from the list, but if you keep the number of languages smaller than Google voice typing will respond faster.
  4. In order to select a primary language, just long-touch on the language that you want to be your primary language.Google Voice Typing - Select Multiple Languages
  5. That’s it. Now try Google voice search or any other app that accepts Google voice typing and you will see that it automatically recognizes your spoken language. If something you speak that exists in all the selected languages, then the primary language takes precedence.Google Voice Typing - Select Multiple Languages

Conclusion: Bilingual or multi-lingual people can benefit from Google voice typing by selecting multiple languages for voice recognition in Android. This way you can speak to Google voice in any of the selected languages and it will automatically recognize them for your convenience.