McAfee Raptor : Realtime Malicious Behavior Detection Tool

McAfee has been providing the community its most acclaimed McAfee Stinger tool that is able to detect and remove thousands of malware and trojans in the wild. Now they have come up with another advanced tool called McAfee Raptor which is a real-time behavior detection program and can be used to observe the malicious behavior of various processes so they can be detected in time without the need to depend on malware signature database. McAfee is offering Raptor as a standalone program for now, but they are going to integrate it with Stinger in the future. Together these both tools can provide a Windows user with both the signature based protection from the known malware as well as the behavior based early detection of the possible malware.

McAfee Raptor is not like Stinger that you can run once in a while to detect the malware on your PC, though just like Stinger it can run along with any standard anti-virus product installed in your PC. It installs in your PC and places itself in the notification area for continuous monitoring of all the processes and their modules. You can right-click on this system tray icon to access various options like starting/stopping the Raptor, viewing the log, viewing the suspicious files inside the quarantine, and removing it from you PC.

McAfee Raptor

As soon as it detects a possible malicious file that it suspects to be harmful, it pops-up a notification area alert together with a window listing all the suspicious files or processes. You can select one or more files from the list and click on the Clean button to put them inside the quarantine.

McAfee Raptor

Conclusion: McAfee Raptor is a behavior analysis malware detection tool that is going to work along with McAfee Stinger for removal of known and possible threats from your PC. It does not interfere with other antivirus products that you may have installed on your computer.

You can download McAfee Raptor from