SileNet App for Android Auto-Silents Mobiles in Theaters

When you go to watch a movie in a theater, it is considered a common courtesy to stay silent and not disturb others as long as the movie is being shown. If you really must speak to someone, then you usually do it in very muffled voices. And putting your mobile phones to airplane mode, silent mode or switching it completely off is part of the aforementioned demeanor. But sometimes, we are so busy thinking about other matters that we totally forget to our our mobile phones on the silent mode or turning them off.

It is because of this many of the theaters have sought the help of a very simple technology – WiFi. These theaters have special WiFi access points which, when detected by your smartphones, will automatically put the phone on the silent mode or the vibrate mode. This way your smartphone shall automatically switch to silent mode when you are inside a movie theater. Similarly, it will switch back to the normal mode as soon as leave the theater’s premises. How cool is that?

But everything is not as simple as it looks. In order to for this to work, you must have a special SileNet app installed on your smartphone. This app is actually responsible for switching audio modes to silent and back to normal in your smartphone. The SileNet app looks for special WiFi networks and it silences your phone when these WiFi networks are detected.

SileNet for Android

You can actually choose whether you want to put your phone to the silent mode or the vibrate mode. In either mode, phone’s ringer does not play the ring tone when you receive a call. It can also show you the available WiFi networks in any place – allowing you to re-scan the networks in case the SileNet networks are somehow not detected.

Conclusion: SileNet can help you automatically put your Android smartphone on the silent mode in places like theaters and libraries. It does this through the special WiFi network detection.

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