Clear Local Search History in Google Playstore

As a proud owner of any Android based smartphone, you are entitled to unbridled access to millions of apps, books, games, movies and music on the Google Playstore. You can fire up Playstore app in your phone, search for any app, game, music, movie or book available there and enjoy them. Owing to the popularity of Android OS, chances are that whatever you search for is available on Playstore. But when you search for something on Playstore, the search term is stored locally in the search history for the Playstore. Anyone can pickup your phone and can check what type of things you have been searching for on Playstore.

This can result in very embarrassing situations. Imagine your wife finds out that you have been secretly looking for games like Subway Surfer and Candy Crush, how would you be able to explain it? In order to avoid any such confrontations, you should clear the local search history in the Google Playstore app. Here is how:

  1. Open Playstore app in your Android smartphone.
  2. Swipe the screen from left to right to bring up the Playstore menu.
  3. Touch Settings in the Playstore menu to open the Playstore settings.Clear Local Search History in Playstore
  4. On the settings screen, select Clear local search history to clean every search term from your Playstore history.

This will clear up the local search history for your Playstore in your phone, but it does not clear up any history associated with your Google account on the Google servers. The information about various apps that you have installed in the past will be still visible under the My apps section. You can remove these apps from My Apps section as explained in one of our previous articles : how to remove apps from “My Apps” list in Google Play Store.