Stop Typing and Write with Google Handwriting Input

Its a matter of great curiosity and amazement to see younger generations twiddle their thumbs on their smartphones and type so fast. I actually so a casual contest being held in a local park and one of the teenagers won the prize for typing 55 words per minute on the smartphone. I could never type as fast and I have always found it pretty annoying to type on the smartphone screen using that miniature keyboard. So when Google came up with Google Handwriting Input, I was delighted to see that now you can actually write on your smartphone screen instead of typing all the words. I don’t know about others, but I think writing using your finger or stylus is way faster than typing on that small keyboard.

Google Handwriting Input comes in form of an app and you can install it from the Google Playstore. After installing this app in your Android smartphone, you have to go through three steps before your phone can recognize your handwriting. You have to enable the Google Handwriting Input, download one of the languages for the handwriting, and select it as one of the input methods. All these steps can be completed from the Google Handwriting Input interface itself.

Google Handwriting Input

Once the settings are done with, you can open any app and start using the Google Handwriting Input. You can write using your finger or stylus and it will quickly recognize your handwriting. You can switch to regular keyboard or microphone (voice to text) using their respective icons in the interface. It even recognizes the emojis as you draw them on the screen.

Conclusion: Google Handwriting Input makes it very easy to input text into your smartphone apps. You can just use your fingers or stylus to write on your screen in your own handwriting and it will be converted into typed text. It is a great app for all those users who find it very difficult to type in their Android smartphone.

You can get the Google Handwriting Input from