Manage Sessions in Chrome with Session Buddy

When you accidentally close the Mozilla Firefox browser, then you can open it again and restore the last session easily to re-open all the previously opened websites in different tabs. But restoring a session is not so straightforward in the Google Chrome web browser. This is where the extension Session Buddy comes in. This extension for Chrome browser lets you manage various sessions easily. You can view the current session or the previous session, and save the current session to be accessed at any time later. You can also open all, some or just one of the websites from a saved session in the Chrome browser.

After you have installed the Session Buddy extension in your Chrome browser, you will see a new blue icon in the Chrome toolbar. If this icon is not blue, then you have to wait for a few seconds as the Session Buddy is initializing. Clicking on this Session Buddy icon, you can access the current session and previous session. You can right-click on the current session and select Save current session to save this session for later use.

Session Buddy for Chrome

Later on when you access the Session Buddy interface, it will show you all the saved sessions in addition to the current and previous sessions. You can select one of the saved sessions and view all the tabs or windows opened during that session. You can also click on the downward button to access various restore options – restore to one window (open in different tabs), restore to a set of windows (restore all sites in different Chrome windows) and restore to this window.

Session Buddy for Chrome

Conclusion: Session Buddy extension for Chrome is very useful and productive for all the Chrome users who want to access the sites that they have been accessing last time they closed the Chrome browser. It allows you to manage Chrome browser sessions, view current session, view the previous session, save the sessions and restore them later easily.

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