AlarmMon is Pleasant Alarm Clock for Android

When you go to bed after a night out with friends, dancing and a heavy dinner with some wine, then it becomes impossible to open the eyes in the morning. Even the regular alarm clock sometimes fails to do its work and wake you up. What you need is either an alarm clock that gives you electric shock to get you out of the bed or a pleasant and engaging alarm clock like AlarmMon for Android. If you have an Android device (and who does not have one), then AlarmMon can become your wake up service everyday from now on.

Although Android comes with its own alarm function, but it is nothing compared to the AlarmMon alarm clock for Android which comes with many alarm characters, sounds and interesting games. Unlike the regular alarm clock, you are given a challenge every time alarm clock goes off and if you do not finish the challenge in time then it is considered that you failed the challenge.

AlarmMon for Android

You can add new alarms by touching the plus icon and choosing either a quick alarm or regular alarm. In the quick alarm, you have to choose an alarm that goes off anywhere between 1 to 60 minutes without any options. In the regular alarm, you can choose all sorts of options and schedule the alarm in a much more detailed way.

When the alarm goes off, you hear the alarm sound along with the animated characters on the screen. Usually, you have to finish some sort of challenge in 60 seconds. You can also snooze or turn off the alarm just like with ordinary alarm clocks.

AlarmMon for Android

Conclusion: AlarmMon is a feature rich pleasant alarm clock app for Android that will definitely wake you up in the morning and will help you start a beautiful day. It comes with little games and challenges that can help make your day even more pleasant.

You can download AlarmMon for Android from