Amy’s Choice Sleep Blocker Keeps Windows Up & Running

Although I value my eyes and take care of them in every possible way, but I still think it is a trifle wasteful to print everything that you read online just to save your eyes from a little stress caused by reading text on a brightly lit LED or LCD screen. This is why I do not mind reading documents containing 10-12 pages on my computer screen every now and then. But lately I am facing a completely different dilemma when trying to read something online – my Windows PC either launches the screen saver, blanks the screen or goes to the sleep mode. This is very annoying when you are reading something interesting.

One way to take care of this problem is to change Windows settings and disable all the power settings that can initiate the screen saver, turn off the screen after some inactivity, power off the hard disks, or send the PC into sleep mode. But this means that you have to switch back and forth between different power settings in Windows over and over again – when you want the screen to go blank and when you want it to stay on.

A better solution is provided by the third party software called Amy’s Choice Sleep Blocker. This software can keep your Windows PC up and running for as long as you want without letting it go into sleep mode, turn off the screen or launch the screen savers.

Amy's Choice Sleep Blocker

In this small portable application, you can choose which activities should be blocked (sleep mode, screen saver and shutdown attempts) and click on the OK button. This will make it prevent all these activities of Windows so that you can keep enjoying your own activities like reading texts or watching movies without any disturbances. You can also choose whether the PC activities should be blocked for all the apps or some selected applications. Moreover you can block disks from powering off too. There is also a timer function using which you can set a function (shutdown, force-shutdown or exit the application) at any specified time of your choice.

Conclusion: Amy’s Choice Sleep Blocker is a nifty little app that keeps your Windows PC awake while you enjoy your movies, e-books and those long interesting articles on Wikipedia.

You can download Amy’s Choice Sleep Blocker from