Scan Documents Using Polaris Scan for Android

Many years ago when I was still a high school student, we had a very long flat bed scanner in our school’s computer laboratory. That old scanner was very large and needed a whole single table for itself. Now almost nobody buys separate scanners as there are many multi-function printers available that serve as printer, scanner as well as a photo-copier. I personally have such a multi-function printer from Canon PIXMA series. But what if you want to scan some documents and are away from home or office and do not have access to any nearby scanners? You can use your phone’s camera but you can actually go one step ahead and use the Polaris Scan app for Android that can help you scanning the documents as well as share them in the form of PDF files.

Polaris Scan starts by asking to sign in or sign up for an account after which it shows you two options – either select one of the pictures from your local storage or use phone’s camera to start the scanning. In either case, it is going to use the pictures to create the PDF file that you can share with friends or co-workers.

Polaris Scan for Android

During the scanning, you can scan as many images as you want (some documents have multiple pages). For better quality you should either use the sun light (open the room window) or use the LED flash of your camera. After scanning is done, you can edit the scanned images, resize them, rotate them, change the contrast, color and so on.

The saved scanned images shall be grouped together as a single document. You can access them, view or edit the images and choose to view them as PDF document too. When you want to share the scanned documents through email, just touch the send-email icon and a PDF format shall be emailed to the designated address.

Polaris Scan for Android

Conclusion: The Polaris Scan can be used to scan single page or multi-page documents in your Android device. The documents are saved as JPEG images and can be shared as PDF files.

You can download & install Polaris Scan from