Check Firefox Bookmarks for Errors and Bad Links

I have been using Firefox browser for more than eight years now. And during all these years, I have bookmarked thousands of pages of all types from the thanksgiving day recipes to the links to the Android ROM downloads. But some of these bookmarks get broken over such a long period of time owing to the nature of the internet where things keep changing all the time – domains disappear, domains get redirected, links change or links get modified. Although I keep deleting some now-useless bookmarks now and then, but going through thousands of bookmarks is not an easy task. This is where the Firefox add-on Bookmarks Checker comes in.

The Bookmarks Checker is a simple Firefox extension that can go through each and every bookmark in your browser, check whether it is broken (returning error 404 – not found) and report all the broken links to you. You can click on the Bookmarks Checker icon in the Firefox toolbar to open its window.

Firefox Bookmarks Checker

In the Bookmarks Checker window, you can set the connection time out (which is 10 seconds by default), and choose a scan mode. There are several scan modes that can help you find bad links, duplicate links, other errors and empty bookmark folders in Firefox. For all types of errors, you should choose Bad and Other Errors from the scan modes. Clicking on the Start button will begin the scanning.

Firefox Bookmarks Checker

It goes through all the bookmarks in your Firefox browser and checks them for a 200 OK response. If it instead gets a 404 error (page not found), then those links are taken as Bad Links. But there are some other server related errors like 401 (authentication required) or 403 (access forbidden) etc. For all these errors, the bookmarks are reported in a different tab as Other errors. The full report is displayed after the scanning is finished from which you can delete the bad links.

Firefox Bookmarks Checker

Conclusion: Bookmarks Checker for Firefox makes it extremely easy to check for the bad links and other possible errors in the Firefox bookmarks. Using this add-on, you can get rid of the old, obsolete and non-working links to clean up your Firefox bookmarks.

You can get the Bookmarks Checker from


  1. It looks like the extension has been withdrawn. It is nowhere to be found on AMO and it’s latest rendition doesn’t work. I don’t like it anyway!
    Anyone heard anything about it?

  2. Does not display its ICON in toolbar and cannot activate it from addon page in FF 45.0 so its basically useless.

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