Turn Your Friends into Zombies with the Zombify App

I would be telling lies if I say that I am not a big fan of movies full of gore. In fact, I keep looking forward to some really nice zombie movies. So when the “Dead Rising : Watchtower” movie was released earlier this year, I could not hold myself and watched the first show on the first day, despite of having to make an excuse at the work. I enjoyed the movie so much that I ended up buying more popcorn after finishing mine and that of my friends. Later all day I thought and talked about zombies and while doing so with some youngsters in the Metro train, I was informed about a Zombify app using which you can turn yourself or your friends into zombies. What a nice way to end the day?

I installed the Zombify app on my cheap Android phone and immediately turned one of my friends into a scary zombie. You have to use the app yourself to see how scary zombies it produced. Zombies with rotten dirty teeth stained in blood,  one snake popping out from the eye socket and randomly making chilling noises. When I showed this app to my mother (on the Mother’s Day), she just slapped me angrily because it was really very terrifying for her to see my dad as a zombie.

Zombify App for Android

The Zombify app can use both the front and back camera of your smartphone to snap your picture. You have to align your face to a skull to make sure you snap the face in the correct orientation. Later on you can adjust and locate the face features (eyes, ears, mouth) yourself.

As you touch the Next button, it turns the person into a zombie. In the beginning it applies various effects randomly, but you can choose the mouth, eyes, weapons and other filters from the tools at the bottom. You can also touch the “Random” tool to apply a random selection of various effects and see the change instantly.

Zombify App for Android

Conclusion: Using the Zombify app, you can turn your friends and family members into zombies to have even more fun when watching some of the scariest zombie movies. The app is simply awesome and makes very realistic animated zombies that also make spooky noise for a hair raising experience.

You can get the Zombify app from http://www.zombify.com/.