CloneApp : Backup Program Settings in Windows

CloneApp is a simple and portable tool for creating backups of the settings for your installed third party programs. It comes with multiple plug-ins for many of the known applications using which you can make the backup of their settings. It can be useful if you want to clone the application settings on two different computers – you can backup the settings of any application on first computer and then copy them on the second computer. It can also be useful in the case you want to reinstall Windows and want to keep a backup of the current settings of various installed programs.

Even though CloneApp supports many of the well known programs via plug-ins, it does not support them all. As you launch the CloneApp program, you can see all the plug-ins included in the package in form a list under the Apps tab. You can select one or more of the plug-ins from this list if you want to make a backup of these applications. If you are not sure whether these applications are installed on your PC, then you can see what is installed in Windows under the Windows tab. You can also automatically select all the installed apps by clicking on the Select Installed.


As soon as you click on the Start CloneApp button, the backup process is started and a live log is displayed in the text box. Since the configuration files are usually not very large in size, the process is done only in a matter of seconds. You can find the backups in a sub-folder named backup. But there seems to be no way of restoring settings from these backups other than manually copying them to the source folders.

Verdict: CloneApp can make backups of your applications’ settings in Windows and could prove be useful in the event of reinstalling Windows. But lack of any option for restoring the settings automatically makes it a little difficult to restore files from the backups.

You can download CloneApp from