Transfer Files over WiFi with SuperBeam for Android

Yesterday I visited my friend and found him walking around in his room impatiently waiting for the file transfer to complete between his phone and that of his room mate. One glance at their long pale faces was enough to deduce that they were using Bluetooth to transfer the files. So I did my bit and told them that they should use WiFi direct file transfer to send or receive the files much faster using some app like SuperBeam. At first they could not believe the file transfer speeds and when they finally calmed down, we could finally go to watch a movie (Mad Max) as planned.

SuperBeam is a very popular app for transferring files over WiFi. If two Android phones support WiFi, then you can use it to send the files at a very high speed (the same speed as your WiFi router provides). The paid Pro version of SuperBeam app can also transfer files between a PC and the phone over the WiFi. The only requirement is that both the devices should be connected to the same WiFi network (a WiFi router can do that for you).

SuperBeam WiFi File Transfer

In the app, you can choose either to send files or to receive files. If you choose to send the files, then it allows you to select multiple files based on their categories – images, videos, audio, music, documents and so on. After you have selected the files, you can touch the send icon and it will show you a QR code.

In the phone where you want to receive the files, you have to select the receive option. It will show you options to either scan the QR code or enter the eight letter keycode. Upon scanning the QR code the file transfer begins (and finished quickly because of the fast speed).

SuperBeam WiFi File Transfer

Conclusion: If your Android phone has WiFi capability then you should use SuperBeam app to transfer files between any two devices. SuperBeam transfers files with blazing high speeds using the common WiFi network.

You can download the SuperBeam app from