Disable Suggested Sites in Mozilla Firefox

With new versions of Firefox, Mozilla intends to suggest you some of the advertised sites in order to increase their revenue. These suggested sites shall be displayed in the new tab page when you open a new tab. The tiles of suggested sites are blended with the most frequented sites in such a way that you cannot find which one is suggested and which is your most frequented website unless you care to read a small “suggested” written under some of the website tiles. While this does not really cause any irritation during regular browser use, some of you might want to disable the suggested sites displayed on the new tab page.

Disable Firefox Suggested Sites

Fortunately, Mozilla has made it very easy to disable the suggested sites in Firefox. In order to disable the suggested sites, all you have to do is open a new tab page, click on the small gear-like icon near the top-right corner and uncheck the checkbox labeled Include suggested sites.

Disable Firefox Suggested Sites

This will effectively stop any more suggested sites from being displayed on the new tab page. Later on if you want to enable the suggested sites once again, then you can follow the same steps and place a checkmark in the Include suggested sites checkbox.

According to Mozilla, the suggested sites are displayed on the new tab page so they do not really interfere with user’s activities as opposed to the advertisements being displayed inside web pages. But at the same time they also mention that the suggested sites will be based on the user’s most frequented and recently visited websites.

Conclusion: Mozilla makes it very easy to disable the suggested sites (tiles) in the Firefox browser. This will prevent Firefox from displaying the suggested tiles on the new tab page in the future.


  1. They’re still tracking your site visits, no better than any other spyware out there, including Chrome. Jump onto PaleMoon browser instead.

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