Play PC Games Smoother with IObit Game Assistant

If you use a dedicated game console like Xbox or Playstation, then you probably do not have to worry about adjusting your system prior to launching a computer game.  This is usually the sort of worry that PC gamers have to deal with. Since a PC is used for all types of applications, it is a good idea to terminate the programs running in the background and close down unnecessary windows so that you have more free resources available for your PC games. But instead of manually going through the rigmarole everytime you want to enjoy games, you can use the IObit Game Assistant to do it for you.

The IObit Game Assistant is a free program that can boost your system, free up more resources and make them available for the games. In addition, it can also keep a close watch on the temperature of your system, CPU and the GPU so that when the temperature reaches a critical level it can show you an alarm to prevent any damages being made to your system hardware like the hard disk, graphics card, etc.

IObit Game Assistant

When launched, it searches for all the games installed on your Windows PC. You can also manually add any game in case it misses them. In future, when you install a new PC game, you can click on the Scan Games button to refresh the list of games. Before you launch a game, you can click on the Boost button to free up system resources.

IObit Game Assistant

In the Temperature section, it displays the temperature levels of your computer’s CPU, motherboard, GPU and the fan speed of the main CPU fan. You can make it show the current FPS, CPU temperature and GPU temperature inside the games as well. In the following screen-shot, it is displaying  these in the top-left corner withing a game.

IObit Game Assistant

Verdict: IObit Game Assistant can help you play PC games much more smoothly on your gaming rig. It contains modules to alarm of critical rise in system temperature to prevent any hardware damage.

You can download IObit Game Assistant from