FileMail for Android Allows Sending of Large Files

When it comes to sending large files by email, most of the email service providers set certain limits on the size of the files being sent as attachments. For example, the popular Yahoo Mail sets a limitation of 25 MB for the attachments size per email message. There are two ways to work around these limitations  – either use a cloud storage service like Google Drive, Box, Dropbox etc., upload your files there and share a link with your acquaintances or use an app like FileMail that does this automatically for you. Instead of placing the attached files with the email messages, FileMail app uploads these files to its own server and sends a link to these files. There is no maximum file size limit in FileMail, you can attach as many gigabytes of files in your email messages.

The FileMail app is available for iOS and Android both. In addition to these apps, there are numerous plug-ins and add-ons for various applications and email clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Firefox and more. After going through the necessary registration step, you can start sending the messages using the FileMail app.

FileMail for Android

Just like in any other email client, you have to specify recipients, sender, message body, message subject and, of course, the attachments. You can specify as many recipients as you wish and as many files as you want. There is no size limit, so you can actually add multi-gigabytes of files. As you send the message, it takes a little time to upload all the attachments before notifying you that the message was sent successfully.

The recipients shall receive this message just like any other ordinary message, but with a link to the attached files. The link expires withing 14 days of its creation, so you have around 2 weeks for downloading or accessing these files.

FileMail for Android

Conclusion: FileMail can be a simple solution for sharing your large files with others. It sets no maximum size limit on the files attached with the email messages and you can send the files as attachments just like in any ordinary email message.

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