Sunshine : Multi-Platform File Sharing and Media Streaming

For most of the users, the standard cloud storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box etc., are more than enough as they offer multi-gigabytes of storage space for free and more at a very reasonable price. But if you do not want to store files on the cloud and believe more in the P2P type of philosophy, then you can use the Sunshine application. It is available for multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. It can be used for file sharing with friends who are also using Sunshine and media streaming across various devices. The interesting part is that shared media across two device (both of which are using Sunshine) can be viewed without having to download the media files first.

Sunshine requires you to create a user account before you can use it. As soon as the account creation is complete, you are taken to the screen where you can choose the files that you might want to share. The files can be of any type, but it categorizes them as pictures, videos and other type of files. You can choose any number of files and touch the Share button. On the next screen you can choose your Sunshine friends if any or your acquaintances from the phone book and share the selected files via a link with them.

Sunshine File Sharing App

If at any later time, you wish to cancel the sharing of files on your phone or computer, then you can do so from the Sunshine settings. It will show you the device that is sharing the files and from there you will be able to cancel any of the shared files instantly.

Sunshine is basically P2P file sharing app that works across multiple devices and platforms. Like any other P2P software, it suffers from the problem of disappearing or offline devices (if the file sharing device goes offline, you won’t be able to access the files).

Sunshine File Sharing App

Conclusion: Sunshine can be a good choice if you want to share files within a close community of friends. It supports streaming the media files over WiFi speakers or to the DLNA devices.

You can download Sunshine file sharing app from