Let People Decide Your Age with “How Old Do I Look” App

We have earlier covered Microsoft’s attempt at deducing your age with their how-old.net web app. The web app works with any web browser whether you are on your desktop or mobile device. But it uses Microsoft’s Face API to determine your age and gender, i.e., the age detected is machine generated. If you want to know what other people actually think of your age then you may want to try the “How Old Do I Look?” app. This app allows you to take your picture and post it online so that millions of other users can guess your age by looking at your picture.

As you install the app, you have to create a user account using your email address and a password – but you can also use Facebook to sign in. The first thing you have to do is take your selfie with your mobile phone and upload it to the app’s servers. You can assign your own age to the picture you have taken. Once it is done, your picture is made visible to rest of the “How Old Do I Look?” community. When they see your picture they can guess your age.

How Old Do I Look?

Similarly, you can also take part in the fun and guess other people’s age. The “How Old Do I Look?” community appears to be a very a large one, and the selfie picture taken by other users keep coming up non-stop. You can guess their age and if you are right, it showers red confetti sprinkles all over your screen. This can be hours of fun especially when you are waiting for something – waiting for the Metro train, waiting in a line at the bank or waiting for your date to arrive etc.

How Old Do I Look?

Conclusion: “How Old Do I Look?” app lets other people opine on your possible age through your selfie pictures. Reciprocally, you can also judge other people’s age through their selfies.

You can download the “How Old Do I Look?” app from https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.copenhagencreators.howoldami.