Toggle New Video Renderer in Google Chrome

Every year some or other new technology comes along  and makes watching videos online a new and exciting experience all over again. I can still remember when Youtube started to show full HD videos, me and my friends watched some of the videos all over again to have the sheer opthalmic pleasure. And now Google is allowing extremely high quality 4K videos on youtube. We have already mentioned how you can switch to the 4K video mode when watching your favorite youtuber’s videos. But 4K videos require not only a good GPU in your computer, but also a high speed internet connection. Google has also added a new video renderer in the Chrome browser that makes 4K videos play a little bit more smoother. Here is how you can toggle this new video renderer:

  1. Open Google Chrome browser, type chrome://flags in the omnibar and press the Enter key.Chrome New Video Renderer
  2. This will open the flags interface that allows you to turn off or turn on some of the features inside the Chrome browser. Scroll down and look for a flag setting named #disable-new-video-renderer.
  3. Click on the Disable next to this flag to disable this new video renderer. Similarly, you can click on the Enable next to it to enable this new video renderer.Chrome New Video Renderer
  4. You can check which of the settings (enabled or disabled) works better when watching 4K quality videos on Youtube and change the setting accordingly.

Conclusion: You can enable or disable the new video renderer to enjoy much smoother video playback for the 4K quality videos on Youtube. This new video renderer makes 4K videos play smoother but if you have a slower internet connection, then it cannot improve the video playback by much.