Unified Remote Turns Smartphone into PC Remote

More and more people are choosing to watch movies and TV shows over Netflix and Hulu and are having their traditional cable TV subscriptions canceled. This has created a demand for the new smart TVs that can go online and show you content from on-demand streaming media providers like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon etc. But even if you do not have a smart TV capable to playing movies from Netflix, you can use your PC to enjoy these movies and shows online. Apart from a smaller screen, the only other pitfall when watching movies on your PC is the missing remote control. Having used remote control all our lives, now it can become very uncomfortable to go without one. This is where Unified Remote comes in.

Unified Remote can turn your smartphone into a powerful and versatile PC remote. Powered with Unified Remote, you can use your smartphone to control media playback, open files & folders, use mouse & keyboard, and shutdown or restart your PC. But in general, if you can use keyboard and mouse, then you can control almost everything in your PC.

Unified Remote app has to be installed in your smartphone and it supports Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile. Similarly a Unified Remote server software must be installed in your PC. It supports Windows, Linux, Mac and Raspberry Pi. During the installation, it asks you whether you want driver simulation (for UAC prompts), joystick simulation (for playing games) and the digitizer simulation (for touchscreen support). You can choose one or all of these depending on your requirements.

Unified Remote

Once this is done, you can start the Unified Remote app in your phone and it will connect to your PC in a matter of seconds whereupon you would be able to see the common control functions provided by the app. Typically, you will see the basic input, file manager, keyboard, media and power functions. Some of these functions are available only in the paid version, but even the free version is very useful and allows you to control almost everything in your PC.

Unified Remote

Conclusion: Unified Remote turns any smartphone into a powerful PC remote. It is highly desirable for all the movie enthusiasts and subscribers of on-demand streaming media providers.

You can download Unified Remote from https://www.unifiedremote.com/.