Access Websites Faster on Slower Internet Connections with Google Web Light

In order to make the reach of the internet available to everyone in the world, almost all the web browsers are making an effort. The mobile versions of Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome now have a data saver feature that compresses the data before it is downloaded to your mobile phone – making it more convenient and a little faster to access sites on slow internet connections like 2G. A typical 2G connection offers internet download speeds in the range of 128 kbps which is simply not enough for accessing modern age websites. In the same order, Google has now launched Google Web Light that can make website access faster by compressing the site content dynamically based on how fast you internet connection is.

In order to use Google Web Light, you have to manually type in the web address in the browser’s address bar. Suppose you want to visit, then you have to type in in the address bar. You cannot omit the “http://” portion from the destination url.

You can also use the following form to open any website in the Google Web Light (the site is opened in a new tab).

Website to be opened in Google Web Light:

You will notice that the Google Web Light opens the target URL with 80% of its data compressed – making the website load much faster and consume the least amount of the internet bandwidth. Mostly the images and other media types embedded inside the websites are compressed to a very small size.

Google Web Light

Although Google Web Light is ideal for accessing websites on the slower connections, it routes all the data through Google servers and should not be used for accessing sites where you have to enter private, financial or personal information (for example, online banking websites) for the obvious reason.