Use San Francisco iOS 9 Font in Android Devices

The new version of the operating system used in Apple’s smartphones and tablets, iOS 9, has been announced and would be soon available. This new version of iOS will have a new system font called San Francisco. Apple has made the new font available for the Apple developers, so that they can develop apps for the new version of iOS. Even though the San Francisco font looks more or less like the standard Roboto font that Android KitKat comes with, if you still want to use this new San Francisco font on your Android devices, then you can proceed in the following manner:

Note: Your Android device must be rooted for changing the system font. You can use Kingo Android Root to root any Android device.

  1. Install HiFont app on your Android device. It is used to change the fonts. After the installation, launch it once and then close it. Launching it once creates some of the needed folders.
  2. Download the San Francisco fonts package from
  3. Use the RAR app to extract the downloaded ZIP file to a folder named HiFont on the SD card of your device.Install San Francisco Font in Android
  4. Alternatively, you can copy the San Francisco fonts package on your PC, connect your Android device to your PC using a USB data cable and then copy the TTF files to the HiFont folder on your Android device.
  5. Launch the HiFont app, switch to My section and then to the Custom Font section. Select the System San Francisco Display Regular.ttf font and then tap on the Use button.Install San Francisco Font in Android
  6. After a reboot, the font change shall take place. Because if the similarity in the San Francisco and the Roboto fonts, you may not notice much difference.

The San Francisco fonts used in this article are not the original Apple fonts, but open source fonts from github. But if you want to enjoy the new San Francisco fonts on your old Android device, then these work very well.


  1. Can’t change it, already install everything but when i wanted to change it, there’s no option for the font

  2. I tried to do this on my Samsung Galaxy s7 but whenever I chose the font it says it’s not supported but I’m definitely not going to root it. Is there a alternative because I really like and want this font.

    1. It depends on the device. Some manufacturers, like Samsung, include features to change the font, but Android does not by default. So if you have something that doesn’t allow it, you must be rooted.

      1. With Asus Zenfone you could install every font with iFont all you need is the App and the .ttf

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