Air Lock Screen Adds Air-Lock Feature to Any Android Device

In some of the expensive Android smartphones like Samsung Galaxy, you see exciting features like Air-Lock that allows you to lock or unlock your device just by swiping your palm over it without actually touching the screen. But the affordable Android devices usually come with stock Android firmware and do not have these extra features. But you can add the Air-Lock feature to any Android device using the free Air Lock Screen app. Once installed, this app lets you lock or unlock the device screen by swiping your palm over the proximity sensors of the device. Obviously the unlocking could take extra steps depending on the type of screen lock you have set  e.g., password, pattern, PIN etc.

After the Air Lock Screen app is installed, you have to enable it first by flipping the on-off switch to the ON state and then by activating the administrator access for the app. Without the administrator access, the app won’t be able to lock/unlock your device. After this you can go ahead and start locking or unlock your phone by swiping your palm over the screen. The closer your palm is to the proximity sensors is, the better it works.

Air Lock Screen for Android

In the settings for the Air Lock Screen app, you can choose the delay interval for locking and the lock mode (whether locking should work in all apps, only on the homescreen or in some specific apps). You can also disable the notification bar icon for Air Lock Screen and disable it in the landscape mode.

Air Lock Screen for Android

Air Lock Screen is a small app that can bring the air lock feature to any Android based device, so that you can lock or unlock the device by just swiping over the screen without having to touch anything.

You can download Air Lock Screen from